? About Wolvercote Young People’s Club

Our Vision

Engaging and supporting young people through dynamic and creative youth work.

Our Mission

Provide engaging experiences, facilitated by reliable, professional staff, that empower young people to make informed decisions that benefit their future, where everyone is recognised for their contribution.

Our Strategy


SAFE AND SUPPORTED:- Provide safe spaces for young people to work with friendly, approachable, and professional adults who will support and equip them to navigate life.

CHANCES:- Offer exciting, quality learning opportunities underpinned by youth work values, for young people and those working with them.

FAMILIAL:- Promote a fun, welcoming, and trusting atmosphere where young people are empowered to take ownership over the club, including at governance level.

RECOGNITION:- Recognise all individuals, whether young person or adult, for their abilities, skills, qualities, and contributions to WYPC and the wider community.

? Meet our staff






Keeley G

Keeley G

Casual Worker (Holidays)



Volunteer Worker (Holidays)



Volunteer Worker (Juniors and Holidays)

? Governance

Our Trustees

As with any charity, we have a board of Trustees who help oversee the governance of Wolvercote Young People’s Club.

They are there to make sure the charity is run in the interests of the young people and communities we support.



Dr Val Tate – Chair

Jim Duthie

Andrew Fenton

Teresa Hall



Our Advisory Group

Our Advisory Group isn’t like a standard ‘management committee’ – because we’re not there to manage the group. We see ourselves as working in partnership with the staff team on the frontline. We’re not there to manage their work but to provide support to ensure their plans can come to fruition.



Revd Kate Tuckett – Community

We are building up a team of specialists in their own right to support in key strategic areas. In doing so, at any given time, our staff can call upon one, two, or the full compliment of people’s knowledge and skills available to them from a strong team of trusted volunteers who are striving for the very best outcomes for WYPC.


? Our history

Wolvercote Young People’s Club is rich in heritage. Founded in 1939 as a Boys’ Club, it was run for many years by a voluntary committee mainly consisting of enthusiastic parents and some prominent members of the local community. The committee secured grants to build new premises, purchase sports equipment and utilities and as the Club began to thrive it employed a professional youth worker. In the 1970s girls joined the Club, doubling it in size and continuing to grow in the 1980s.

In 2006, Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) took on full responsibility for both the building and the youth workers. The voluntary committee supported this work becoming the WYPC Charitable Trust through fundraising, running a minibus and setting up a Junior Club. On 31 August 2011, OCC withdrew all its funding and the WYPC Charitable Trust took over providing youth work and running the building. In January 2013 WYPC became a registered charity.

The club has seen many changes over the years. The most recent being the employment of a new Charity Manager in August 2021, with a new Senior Youth Worker in November of the same year. Since then we have streamlined our work and employed a bank youth work staff and volunteers to support our development. In January 2022, our governance structure was amended under the guidance of a new Chair of Trustees in order to make us more sustainable for the future.

With the changing picture of youth work, we’re currently working hard to implement a new daytime youth support hub in the heart of the community.

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