Christmas Lunch 2021

Christmas Lunch

Hello local resident and/or supporter

You are warmly invited to Wolvercote Young People’s Club for Christmas lunch at The Art Cafe’s Charity Event on Saturday 4th December. Under the supervision of a professional chef, the young people have been planning a three-course festive lunch with all the trimmings for local residents and charity supporters.

 Christmas is a busy time of year and we hope you can join us, but if you can’t please consider making a donation.


  • £12.50 per person.
  • £24.00 for two people.
  • £45.00 is for a family of a four.


If you know anyone that’s housebound we can offer a delivery service to local elderly residents on St Peter’s Road, Pixey Place, and Ulfgar Road. Whether you can make it or not you can also make someone happy by paying forward a Christmas lunch too.


We must receive replies by Tuesday 30th November.