I came back to WYPC this year to have fun and to check out the new Youth Workers. It’s a real change – a good change!

Senior youth club member

I have fun here. It’s a great place to socialise. I rely on the club to meet people and I really enjoy it. It’s a nice club to come and lots of things to do. Such a great group.

Senior youth club member


Welcome to Wolvercote Young People's Club

Welcome to Wolvercote Young People's Club

Roy Peach - Charity Manager


Hi. I’m Roy, the Charity Manager.

WYPC is an amazing place that’s on a mission to provide engaging experiences, facilitated by reliable, professional staff, that empower young people to make informed decisions that benefit their future, where everyone is recognised for their contribution. We want everyone to be successful, happy and healthy, and feel supported to reach their full potential.

By providing a welcoming, safe space with services designed to help you navigate the modern world, WYPC will be a key part of your and your family’s lives.

We want each person that walks through our door to be recognised for their own unique abilities, skills, and qualities, because everybody that’s a part of WYPC has something to offer the world. Humans are created for community, families bound by love. An African proverb says ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. At WYPC’s heart is love for you and your families. Our family is your family. Together, we will create a community that will raise the most amazing young people who will inspire the future.

Please bear with us as we develop our new website.